5/15 Gain

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So the latest buzz on the streets is that FL isn't getting Gain AT ALL, AL may not be getting it AT ALL and TX didn't get anything early. 

Someone has it somewhere because there's a preview of the Gain page from 5/15 Save floating around but I haven't seen anyone that I would consider reliable offering it yet and the few sellers I have seen offering it are doing pre-orders.

I almost never purchase pre-order inserts because I am not trying to get stuck with my funds out of pocket, a seller that didn't get what they thought they were going to get and a seller's supplier already having been paid. GREAT way to lose a lot of money - especially when I've seen pre-orders hitting $0.85/insert for bulk. No thank you very much lol

Long story short...I don't think anyone has any Gain in hand yet but I have my ear to the ground and will definitely keep you guys updated as I find out what's what.

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