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5/15 is going to be a good week - Scott, Cottonelle, Persil, Quilted Northern, some beauty...and of course, Gain.

Early Gain seems to be a bit of a unicorn this month. The regions that usually get it mid-week before release appear to have gotten the axe on early so I'm going to see what I can do for on/just after release.

For Scott lovers - I have not seen a single preview from any region with a $1/1 Scott.

This month's Gain is the same setup as last month's - the $3 Gain lasts all month while the $2 & $1 Gain only last until June P&G's release date. The $3 Gain is a 37000 code, haven't seen the barcode on the $2.

I will be picking up local bundles on Friday night & will have full inserts available to ship or pickup on Saturday 5/14. Clips, as usual, will be posted sometime over the weekend as I get inserts sorted.

Unless there is some cool surprise in store, I DO NOT get Gain in my local bundles. I already had some early 5/15 Save from GA (preview is posted) so I don't expect any cool surprise where we get Gain locally.

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