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I'll start with this - I don't have them and I won't be getting them.

I thought I had covered this pretty well and there's been chatter about little else in the wider coupon world in the last few months but...

1. Gain detergent coupons have been pulled from ALL Save inserts. If/when there are Gain detergent coupons available, they are only IPs.

2. Tide/Downy coupons have been pulled from ALL P&G inserts except those being distributed on military bases. I do not have access to a commissary and it does not make financial sense for me to purchase from a military seller in VERY limited quantity. Frankly, it wouldn't make sense for you to purchase from anyone other than a direct connect at this point - the supply is too limited and the markup from point A to point B is likely to be pretty stupid.

If you can find a TRUSTED military seller, I would recommend you buy P&G from them and buy quickly. Stock of the laundry inserts is very limited and prices are not likely to drop if you play the waiting game since there is not much competition to speak of at/after release like there used to be.

I will continue to source P&G without laundry each month.

Thanks for your business & happy shopping!

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