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Whew...P&G with laundry is getting to be a bumpier & bumpier ride every month. What I wouldn't give to have my local papers get it again. But I digress lol

The supplier I last posted about fell through so I'm working a couple of different angles & will confirm all as soon as I am able. In the meantime, here is what I am shooting for:

  • 3/27 Sets (Save, SS, PGT) DROP SHIPPING from PA. Shipping will be via FedEx only & orders will ship the day after payment is received (order cutoff time for next day ship is TBD - I am still getting details). Shipments will start rolling out Friday, then Monday and on from there. I will have a VERY limited quantity of these available, I will NOT be offering these to ship from me in GA and they will NOT be available for pickup. No photo or video confirmation will be provided but you will still receive tracking info via email once your label has been created. I absolutely trust this shipper or I would not even be thinking about offering this, so you'll have to trust me that I trust this supplier. If you don't trust my trust, please don't order this package when/if I make it available. I suspect these will be upwards of $2/set of all 3 inserts & will be a minimum order of 10 sets (10 of each of the 3) + shipping but will confirm once I pin down details. I don't love the price but I want to offer options to those of you that want things moving ASAP.
  • 3/27 Sets (SS/Save) I will still be getting my usual local sets, with no P&G, on Friday evening. These will start shipping Saturday and will be available for pickup starting Saturday as well. As always, I will post clips of these sets on the site as I get things sorted - pickup for clips usually starts Sunday, mailing Monday.
  • PGT singles are looking like I can get them shipping to me via USPS on Friday so I should have them in hand Monday or Tuesday so shipping/pickup would start Tuesday or Wednesday, all depending on USPS. I'm not going to quote a timeframe on laundry clips - getting these mid-week kind of messes with my flow since I work during the day & can't sort inserts like I can on the weekends. So laundry clips will be later than SS/Save clips but it is what it is at this point.

Again - the only part of this that is 100% set in stone right now is me getting local sets Friday night. That timeframe hasn't changed & the price has not gone up (bless my supplier!!!). Everything else is currently in the works, feels fairly solid but not yet 100% confirmed.

Thank you for reading & THANK YOU for your continued support of my business. Smooches!!!

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