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I have mentioned this in a few email blasts & on my Telegram chat but I'll post here as well to try to cover all of my bases...

I will not be clipping through the month of July and possibly not at all moving forward.

I won't go into specifics because its personal but I've had a major upheaval in my personal life recently that has left me with A LOT more to handle at home. Add that to working 60+ hours a week at my day job and well...I simply don't have the time I used to for all the things that go into providing clips.

I will continue to provide whole inserts & have been investigating some options for getting things earlier, having more things drop shipped to avoid middle-man delays & a few other things to switch it up and try to continue to provide a valuable service.

My apologies for the abrupt shift in services - this change has been amazing & a much needed breath of fresh air for me personally but has certainly had some impacts in areas that I wasn't expecting. Its been 7ish years since I've had to do some of the "home stuff" I'm having to handle now so its been a major shift in priorities for me and I'm still adjusting.

If/when I can get back to clipping, I certainly will and will of course shout it from the rooftops but for now its just not in the cards.

I appreciate everyone's business and hope that I can continue to provide a service that you find worthwhile.

Happy shopping!

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