July P&G Update

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So it appears that early P&G with laundry was pulled from all regions. It seems as though the only people that got it early were those that were able to get it from the military/commissary suppliers and it sounds like those may be getting locked down pretty tight as well.

Actual release date for P&G is Sunday 7/3 so we shall see what happens with at and/or after release suppliers...

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  • Sorry about July P&G – I was holding out hope that someone somewhere would get newspaper inserts with laundry and by the time everyone confirmed that they’d pulled it everywhere, it was late in the game for the non-laundry version.

    Now that I know we won’t be seeing a laundry version moving forward, I can be prepared & get what’s available as soon as I’m able. This month caught everyone a little off guard.

    Megan en
  • You have no P&G for sale or any July inserts for sale yet

    Karen Zuranski en
  • Hi! I can’t find anywhere on your site where you talk about the days you clip after posting the inserts. I’m a clipped buyer. When can we expect 7/10 clips to be ready? Or either please provide where I can find this information at.

    Dollisa White en
  • This is such a bummer. They’re trying to make it rough on us couponers!

    Kellie en
  • I would like to know when you get July P&g if they have laundry soap or if you can get them thank you very much

    Tabatha en

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