5/8 & 5/15

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5/8 Save & SS are both pretty underwhelming. 5/15 on the other hand - that's going to be big. Fresh Gain in Save & I've heard that Cottonelle and Scott will be back in the SS.

5/8 previews I've seen include Zyrtec, Benadryl, Luigi's, CeraVe, Clairol, Covergirl, Curel, Pledge, Palmolive & Ken's. Looks like some regions will get Quaker in the SS - not sure if my local bundles will or not.

So in the interest of focusing on sourcing the right 5/15 since I don't get Gain locally & I know everyone will be looking for $1/1 Scott if they put it out this time (remember last time Scott came out they only released it as $0.50/1 everywhere), I'm going to be posting 5/8 sets drop shipping from PA here in a few and I will be getting a very limited quantity of 5/8 locally, mostly for pickup customers & some clips.

Happy Shopping!

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