5/8 & 5/15

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5/8 Save & SS are both pretty underwhelming. 5/15 on the other hand - that's going to be big. Fresh Gain in Save & I've heard that Cottonelle and Scott will be back in the SS.

5/8 previews I've seen include Zyrtec, Benadryl, Luigi's, CeraVe, Clairol, Covergirl, Curel, Pledge, Palmolive & Ken's. Looks like some regions will get Quaker in the SS - not sure if my local bundles will or not.

So in the interest of focusing on sourcing the right 5/15 since I don't get Gain locally & I know everyone will be looking for $1/1 Scott if they put it out this time (remember last time Scott came out they only released it as $0.50/1 everywhere), I'm going to be posting 5/8 sets drop shipping from PA here in a few and I will be getting a very limited quantity of 5/8 locally, mostly for pickup customers & some clips.

Happy Shopping!

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  • Diana – You may also find it helpful to read through the Help Center/FAQs section (linked at the top of each page). There’s a lot of great information there.

    Megan en
  • Diana – Each product page has a picture, a description and a price. The photo is what you get (it could be 1 coupon, it could be a strip/bundle of 2+ coupons, etc), the description says how many of what’s pictured you get if you order 1 (typically its a set of 10 of whatever is pictured) and the price is the price for 1. If you have additional questions, please use the Contact Us link below to send an email.

    Megan en
  • I’m new. Could you please explain the process of the coupons? When you mean a strip, a bundle, clipped etc. How many of each come in a deal on prices? How does it work out? 1strip @ $1 each? Etc..

    Diana en
  • Patricia – I replied to your email yesterday as well but you have to be sure to pay for the orders you place or I can’t ship anything.

    Megan en
  • ]i need my coupon i last time i did not get my coupon so i order – tmie

    patricia faddis en

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