PayPal Woes

Posted by Megan Kelly on

I get asked a lot about why I don't take PayPal & how to work around it when buyers only have or know how to use PayPal.

Simply put, I don't take PayPal because they threatened to shut my account down about 2.5 years ago and I said no thanks & stopped using it for clipping service payments. I do a lot of online shopping myself & use PayPal for those purchases quite often so having no PayPal account just wasn't an attractive option for me.

I totally get why people want to use PayPal - its reliable, they're familiar with it & if that's all you know, its all you know.

However, there IS a workaround for those that would like to have funds withdrawn from PayPal IF you are on board with Facebook Messenger Pay.

You can link FB Messenger Pay to your PayPal account so that when you use FB Messenger to pay, the transaction is processed via PayPal on your end as the buyer.

If you're not down with FB Messenger Pay then this obviously won't fly for you but this is an option for those looking for an alternative when a fairy doesn't take PayPal but you want/need your transaction to get processed from your PayPal account.

Happy Shopping!!

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