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I just looked at my FedEx invoices for the past couple of weeks and I am losing my a** with whatever they're doing with their new shipping surcharges. I read over everything they distributed recently and thought I was in compliance but I am being charged $20+ for almost every envelope that I or my PA supplier have sent out recently. They are not overweight, they are not overstuffed but I'm being charged as though they are.

Until I can get some clarification on how this needs to work moving forward, I will not be offering FedEx as a shipping option. I apologize to those of you that greatly prefer it over USPS but when I am quoted "$X" for a package when I create a label and am then seemingly arbitrarily charged 2 or 3 times the quoted cost for that package, I cannot afford to continue to eat those extra costs.

If I am able to nail down what the issue is and get stable, reliable pricing reestablished, I will offer FedEx again. If not, I'm back to 100% USPS because their pricing is transparent and I need that in order to continue offering my services.

Thank you for your continued support and, as always, happy shopping!

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