8/6 - Delayed

Posted by Megan Kelly on

This week's pickup has been delayed - my supplier normally picks up bundles overnight on Thursdays but she was not able to do so last night. We won't know until like 1am if she's going to be able to pick up overnight tonight (Friday 8/4).

I'm not sure at this point if this last minute delay business is going to be "the new normal" or if there's something specific happening right now that's causing a temporary hitch in the regular program but it is what it is for now.

If she is unable to pickup tonight, I will likely have to run 8/6 like 7/30 - drop ships starting Tuesday & pickups available Thurs/Fri after I receive a limited shipment specifically for pickup customers.

I will update/post as soon as I have a clear idea of how this week is going to look.

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