5/15 Gain Update

Posted by Megan Kelly on

Ok so FL got nada, AL got nada and Houston got nada.

I've seen Gain from a few sellers in/around Dallas that have access to a Spanish-language paper that got Gain but its circulation is small so not a lot of excess bundles floating around.

I have also seen a few sellers in Cali that got Gain but have said they aren't getting enough for bulk orders & it seems like quite a few of them are just clipping themselves rather than offering inserts.

One of my suppliers and I still have a few lines in the water to see what happens in a few other regions that get mid-week, after release, papers with the previous Sunday's coupons in them so...fingers crossed.

It pains me to say it but I may not get my hands on any Gain this month. If I do, it may be much later than I'm used to and possibly quite limited. 

I'll post again with whatever news I get as I get it.

I appreciate your business!

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