4/3 & 4/10

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Ok folks...4/3 SS looks nice with new Huggies, Tena & Werther's (looks regional), Bic (also looks regional) but the Save looks pretty awful from every region I've seen so I'm not chasing early on this one. I will get local 4/3 sets on Friday night and have them available to ship/pickup starting Saturday.

4/10 Save is RED HOT even without Gain - all, Snuggle, Persil, Purex, Dial, Jimmy Dean (regional) & Beauty qs (also regional). I very well may snag some early 4/10 Save WITHOUT GAIN to start the laundry extravaganza. The 4/10 SS is kinda meh - Palmolive & Air Wick but haven't seen much else to be excited about so I'll most likely stick to early Save and just get the SS with my local sets.

On the Gain front - please be patient. As I'm sure most have seen, the 4/10 Gain will have the $3/1 again & everyone is assuming it will be coded to work the same as the current $3/1 Gain. Meaning everyone & their mother's brother will be tripping over themselves to get it & get a lot of it. Supplies are down in the regions that typically get it early, demand is WAY up in all regions and even bulk prices are starting to get pretty eye-popping. So bear with me & just know that I will get as much as I can as soon as I can and that I will keep the website updated with current available stock. A billion messages about when will I or if I will or how much or whatever will not help - the answer will be the same as it always is to these questions: I'll let you know when I know and if I have it, its on the site. 

I appreciate all of you!!

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